John Guest

Push-fit fittings

We have the largest selection of simple, environmentally friendly plastic fittings and plastic tubing from the world's leading manufacturer of quick couplings, John Guest. The products connect easily together and can withstand pressures up to 120 bar. We have various product lines that are adapted to water / liquids / chemicals and air / gas.

John Guest fittings and hoses are available in different colors, dimensions and sizes. They are used in cars, dispensers, plumbing solutions for office buildings, houses and cottages, farming, slaughterhouses, food industry, telecommunications, laboratories, aquaculture, etc.

By using John Guest Speedfit® it is possible to achieve a saving of up to 40% in labor and installation time.

Fittings and tubes for compressed air systems

  • 25 year warranty
  • environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install/dismantle
  • No special tools required

Air Products

Fittings for for compressed air, pneumatics etc.

John Guest Speedfit Air Products
John Guest Speedfit installation guide
Installing pipework

Underfloor heating systems

The Speedfit System for Underfloor Heating has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible to install with component parts manufactured under an ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Underfloor heating systems


Drink Dispense

Fittings for water supply equipment such as water coolers, bottled water dispensers, brewery equipment, coffee machines, vending machines, fishery farms etc.

John Guest Drink Dispense & Pure Water (pdf)
John Guest Speedfit installation guide
Installing pipework

Cartridge System

A simple cost effective way of securing tubes within your product

John Guest Cartridge Systems (pdf)