Our vision

Environment, ethics and CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility should be a beacon in our line of work. We want to ensure environmental, social and economic considerations in all our operations and believe that the industry's future winners are those who manage to unite the global social and environmental challenges with profitable growth.

The products will provide customers with clear environmental benefits, made to encourage sustainable development. This means that our products and solutions shall meet current needs, while providing future generations the opportunity to meet their needs. It is also important that our subcontractors and partners live up to our requirements and that they are committed to protecting the environment in their own business. We challenge you as a customer to take responsibility for how your own activities affect people, society and environment. You may feel that your own contribution is minimal in the large context, but remember that "every little bit counts..."!

You can have confidence that we as a provider are concerned about our social and environmental responsibility. The products help to enhance their own environmental efforts and can be used to document your own environmental and social responsibility.

Eco Water AS

Focusing on quality

Eco Water is working with customers in the retail and service industry, agriculture, dental, marine and offshore industries.

Eco Water is, through continuous improvement, innovative and strive to meet our customers requirements for service, quality, environmental concerns, documentation and delivery.

Eco Water strive to be environmental and energy conscious and we always aim to reduce adverse environmental impact through our products and solutions.