Eco Rack Unit

Rack unit developed to deliver optimal water quality.

The unit is delievered preassembled with pipes, fittings and taps. The only plumbing needed is to connect the unit to the inlet and outlet. Supplied flexi hoses with 3/4" female pipe threads makes the job easy for the plumber. The unit has a convenient drip tray at the bottom to avoid spills when changing filters. The unit is delievered with 2 pre-filter (5 and 1 micron filters), followed by the unique Eco Solution water filter technology to ensure safe and pure water.

All components are manufactured by renowned international manufacturers. Purification specifications are well documented. Operated solely by water pressure.

The system removes:

  • Particles, humus and other sediments
  • Bad smell, bothersome color og bad taste
  • 99,99% of pathogenic bacteria (E.Coli, salmonella, legionella, cholera, shigella, typhoid)
  • 99,999 % of parasites ((cryptosporidium, giardia)
  • 97 % chlorine
  • 99,7 % turbidity

The unit also reduces the levels of some dangerous chemicals and heavy metals.



1.500 - 4.500 litesr pr. hour at 4 bars pressure. Filter change recommended every 12 months (daily use). The unit is to be installed on the water intake.


Small; H:97 W:40 D:20
Medium; H:141 W:40 D:20
Large; H:178 W:40 D:20

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