Eco One Flow Calk Filter

Innovative purification system for removal of lime!

Environmentally friendly prevention against limescale with almost zero maintenance! Eco One Flow lime removal system prevents calcium deposits by converting dissolved hard minerals to harmless and inactive microscopical crystal particles. These particles are transported through the pipe system without attaching themselves to the pipes, fittings, valves or heating elements. The technology is tested over several years and are scientifically certified.

  • Removes lime and prevents the salt / chemical deposits Increases life of the equipment
  • Increases life span of the other equipment
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No need for salt or chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly - "green" technology
  • Persistent and reliable descaling
  • Can be delievered in a number of sizes
  • Prolonged media (three years) that does not require regeneration



Eco One Flow is available in a variety of configurations. The smallest version can be mounted in the kitchen sink (with filter housing and replaceable cartridges). Floor units ca be delivered to private and commercial use. The unit can be used on both cold and hot water.



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