Eco Lime/Calk Filter System

This system reduces the gray coating in the shower and prolongs the life of faucets, pipes and other equipment that is affected by lime deposits.

Can be used in all places where lime is a problem. Also suitable for waterborne heat systems and sprinkler systems. The system will protect against corrosion, providing optimal water flow and circulation.

The system is self-cleansing, requires minimal maintenance and is very easy to install.


  • Protection against lime and corrosion
  • Removes iron particles
  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Do not require electricity
  • Dosing by water use
  • Satisfies all requirements and conditions for drinking water regulations
  • Cartridge must be replaced when the red ball is situated at the bottom of the filter



Approx. 30 000 liters before cartridge replacement.
Max pressure: 10bar, (Tested under pressure: 25bar)
Pressure drop: 0,2 – 0,7 bar
Drain valve: 1/2"
Connections: 3/4"
Material: PVC


L: 115mm, H: 210mm, O: 72mm
Weight: 0.370kg
Temperature: 0°c - 60°c
Life span: +/- 35m3

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