Aid and relief

Developing and producing water purification systems for professional use as well as for private households.

We have delivered water purification units to:

  • UNHCR - United Nations High Comissionary for Refugees (Long Term Agreement)
  • WHO - World Health Organisation
  • WFP - World Food Programme
  • British Red Cross

We deliver high quality mobile- and stationary units, spesialized according to our customer’s needs. Several water purification systems developed to produce drinking water from water sources with poor quality. Electricity is not required, these systems run on water pressure only.

  • We developed our mobile systems on the basis of poor or no infrastructure.
  • Our systems are simple to install and maintain.
  • Our water purification units can easily fit several systems in a helicopter or on a jeep.
  • Our units are POU (Point Of Use) systems.
  • Purification process is performed without using any chemicals.

Related products (can be delievered by special order)

Eco Flow

Water Purification Unit 4/6 m3.
Our mobile water purification units are available from 4 – 28 m3/h mounted on trailer or skid. Designed to purify surface water from lakes, rivers or wells with turbidity up to 800 N.T.U. The unit is capable of producing drinkingwater free of phusical and bacteriological contaminations.

Eco Flow - brochure (pdf)

Water Storage Tank

Corugated Steel w/PVC liner.
The tanks are engineered to provide a safe economic solution to the problem of liquid storage. A worldwide installation service is available if required. EcoWaters water storage tanks have been approved for the storage of cold water under the British 'water bylaws scheme', certificate number 9705017.

Water Storage Tank - brochure (pdf)


Pillowtank for storage of potable water. Manufactured from PVC-coated polyester fabric. The fabric is non-toxic and has high resistance to UV-radiation. The tank is approved by UN for use in storage and transport of drinkingwater.

Pillowtank - brochure (pdf)

Tap Station

Tapstation with 6 selfclosing taps. The station is easy to set up and with a high capacity for distributing water to a large quantity of people.

Tap Station - brochure (pdf)